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What does an inheritance cost?

When you inherit, you have to pay tax on the inheritance, called the 'inheritance tax. This is calculated on the value of the inheritance and varies from region to region.

Whether Flemish, Walloon or Brussels inheritance tax applies depends on where the deceased had his last tax residence as a resident. The tax residence is the municipality where the deceased declared his taxes. If this municipality is in Flanders, Flemish inheritance taxes have to be paid.

In addition, it also depends on which line you inherit in. Inheritances in direct line to children and between partners are taxed at the lowest rate, while a different rate applies to other persons.

Do I need a lawyer?

A lawyer has the legal knowledge and experience to inform you as an heir about inheritance taxes, where you have to pay them (in Brussels, Wallonia or Flanders), and how to arrange them.

Want to avoid having to pay a lot of inheritance tax later on when your heirs die? Then a lawyer can also always help you with estate planning. This then makes concrete recommendations on how to optimise your (financial) situation for your heirs.

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