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What is the penalty for drug dealing?

Drug dealing is punishable by imprisonment, a fine or a combination of those penalties.

The sentence, of course, depends on the crime itself.

A number of aggravating circumstances can also significantly increase the sentence. Then it is no longer a "simple crime" making the penalties applied no longer correctional but criminal.

The severity of these penalties depend on:

  • the age of the persons against whom offences were committed.
  • the consequences of the crime
  • the involvement in drug trafficking

Do I need a lawyer?

Consulting with and being assisted by a lawyer is always useful to best guarantee your rights during an interrogation. A lawyer knows what is allowed and what is not allowed during a police interrogation.

Having a lawyer certainly does not mean you are guilty or suspicious either. A police interrogation can be stressful and under pressure you may say confusing or untrue things.

A lawyer will, at least, help you make a structured coherent statement, protect you from any pressure from the police and check that they follow the rules. Your lawyer may intervene if your rights are violated and may interrupt the interrogation once for an additional confidential consultation.

We strongly advise against waiving your right to a lawyer for all these reasons. Moreover, if you are under 18, you cannot waive the assistance of a lawyer. The latter will accompany you during a police interrogation anyway.

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