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About us is an initiative of the Order of Flemish Bars (OVB). We represent all Flemish lawyers and represent the interests of the legal profession and the public.

What do we do?

We ensure that everyone has sufficient opportunities to exercise their rights. We follow up on legislation that may affect the functioning of justice and the daily work of lawyers and enter into dialogue with the authorities about it. If we find that the rights of citizens or lawyers are being violated, we take the necessary action.

We draw up regulations that apply to all Flemish lawyers. These are collected in the Code of Ethics for Lawyers.

Our legal duties are set out in the Judicial Code:

  • We oversee the honour, rights and common professional interests of lawyers.
  • We are responsible for legal assistance, internships, professional training of trainees and continuing education of lawyers.
  • We take initiatives for training, disciplinary rules and loyalty in the profession and advocacy for lawyer and litigant.

We do not give advice in any specific case, neither to citizens nor to lawyers. Even if you have questions or complaints about cooperation with your lawyer, we unfortunately cannot help. We can only provide general information, but are not allowed to take an individual position. Read who you can turn to.

How do we work?

All 11,000 Flemish lawyers from eight bar associations delegate 80 members to the general assembly. This sets policy lines and elects the board of directors. The board of directors is responsible for day-to-day management.

General Assembly

The Flemish lawyers elect 80 representatives to our general assembly. In addition, the President of the Bar of Cassation and the two delegates of the CCBE participate in the general assembly in an advisory capacity. This 'lawyers' parliament' meets about eight times a year and votes on regulations, formulates policies and appoints the members of the board of directors for a period of three years.

Board of directors

The chairman and members of the board of directors implement our day-to-day policies. Each director heads a department that undertakes specific preparatory and executive tasks.

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Annual reports

Each year, we provide an overview of our activities from the previous year:

College van Toezicht

This college of supervisors oversees the functioning of the supervision of lawyers and the handling of complaints about lawyers.