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Free legal help

Sometimes you find yourself with a small question and just don't know what to do. This is when you can turn to first-line assistance, also known as Free Advocacy Advice, in your neighbourhood.

So first-line assistance does not give you comprehensive advice, but gives you a short answer to help you further along the way. If your question requires further investigation, you do get an appropriate referral so you know what to do, where to go, who can help you.

A problem often consists of more than just legal elements. The lawyers who provide this free legal advice have knowledge of the social map and can put you in touch with the right services. So it is not that this is just to get further help from a lawyer.

As a matter of fact, this help is also free for everyone. It is accessible to everyone in a very easy way to get help from a lawyer. First-line assistance is also provided in your neighbourhood, e.g. in courthouses, CPASs, CAWs, social houses, etc. You can find the full map below.

Don't feel like or don't have time to go there? At most locations, you can also ask for advice by phone.

Looking for free help in your area?


Centrale permanentie

Telefonisch advies

Sociaal Huis Lebbeke

elke 2e en 4e maandag van 17u tot 19u

U kan de dienst ook via e-mail bereiken:

Vredegerecht Asse

1e en 3e maandag van de maand vanaf 16u30

Vredegerecht Overijse

1e en 3e dinsdag van de maand van 18u tot 19u

OCMW Begijnendijk

1e en 3e dinsdag van de maand van 16u30 tot 17u30

OCMW Bornem

Elke vierde woensdag van de maand van 18u tot 19u
Enkel op afspraak

OCMW - Sociaal Centrum Deurne

donderdag van 13u tot 15u


elke dinsdag en elke vrijdag, aanmelden van 11u tot 12u
Maak online uw afspraak via

Justitiehuis Ieper

Elke maandag van 13u30 tot 16u
Deze locatie werkt op afspraak. Daarvoor kan je bellen.

Vredegerecht Roeselare

Elke woensdag van 11u tot 12u