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Nico Moons

From now on, stay updated on suspect's pre-trial detention

If you are a victim of a crime or wrongdoing or registered as a civil party, you now have the right to information about the progress of the suspect's pre-trial detention. This is provided by law in the case of a crime where your physical and/or psychological integrity was threatened or compromised.

The following information can be communicated to you:

  • Has the arrest warrant been delivered or lifted?
  • Is pretrial detention under electronic surveillance being carried out?
  • Is a decision made to release the suspect?
  • Are any conditions being imposed?

This right was introduced by the law of 2 March 2023 and is therefore now in force from 1 April 2024. In this respect, this legal framework standardises previous guidelines that could vary from region to region.

We are very pleased with this law. Until recently, there was only a legal obligation to inform victims at the sentencing phase, i.e. when the convicted offender is allowed to leave prison.

But as a victim, you may also want to receive information during the pre-trial phase, for instance when the suspect is in pre-trial detention. So from now on, you will have the opportunity to be informed of this.