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What does a lawyer do?

Advise, mediate, negotiate and defend. A lawyer can help you in various ways. Both inside and outside a court.


A lawyer advises on a legal problem, private or business. Consider, for example, the signing of a contract, a rent dispute or complex family problems. A lawyer always tries to avoid proceedings. Again, prevention is better than cure. Waiting long often complicates a problem and leads to unnecessary loss of time and extra costs. So contact a lawyer in time.

A lawyer will also assist you if you are interrogated as a suspect. On the basis of that consultation and assistance right, you can consult a lawyer confidentially prior to the interrogation and he will also assist you during the interrogation.


A lawyer can assist you as a mediator. To do so, he must have undergone special training and be accredited. An independent mediator helps solve your problems in a confidential and voluntary manner.

As a mediator, a lawyer will help you and the other party reach an amicable settlement acceptable to both parties. There will be no court proceedings. Agreements are laid down in advance in a mediation agreement and the costs of mediation are shared between both parties.

A lawyer-mediator assists you in the following cases:

  • Family cases such as problems between parents and children, divorces, inheritances ...
  • Civil and commercial cases such as problems with bills, rent, debts, disputes between companies ...
  • Social cases such as problems at work, dismissal ...

On this website you can find a lawyer who is a recognised mediator.

Collaborative negotiations

Collaborative negotiation aims to resolve a dispute through negotiation, in order to reach an amicable agreement. Each party is assisted by a collaborative lawyer, who is specially trained for this purpose.


A lawyer advises you on the impact of certain decisions and helps you negotiate and reconcile. Both in your private and professional life, you are regularly confronted with legal texts. Think, for example, of a marriage contract, a sales contract or an employment contract. A lawyer will help you find your way through all these rules.


A lawyer conducts court proceedings and acts as your spokesperson if your rights are threatened. He can plead before all Belgian and European courts and before all tax, administrative and disciplinary authorities.

In Belgium, a lawyer has a pleading monopoly. Only a lawyer may plead in court. In principle, you can go to any lawyer with any problem, but some lawyers prefer to handle certain types of law, and therefore certain cases, rather than others. They choose their 'preferred matters'. Be sure to ask in advance if your lawyer can assist you.

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What is a lawyer?

A lawyer is there to advise and assist you. Throughout the various stages of your life, you may come into contact with the law. A lawyer will then guide you through the legal maze. Even if you are an entrepreneur, the advice and assistance of a lawyer is no luxury.

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Hoe kies je een advocaat?

You are always free to choose your own lawyer. However, always ask your lawyer in advance if they can help you with your specific questions.

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What does a lawyer cost?

A lawyer receives a fee, supplemented by compensation for expenses incurred. Therefore, make good arrangements with your lawyer in advance. That way, there will be no surprises.

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