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A school is an inspiring environment. But sometimes you face a difficult situation there. Find out what you can do then.

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I am a victim of violence, what can I do?

Violence can be physical, sexual, psychological or economic. Witnessing violence is also considered a form of victimisation.

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As a student, can I challenge my school results?

At the end of the school year, you get a certificate you don't agree with. You feel you had deserved another. What can you do then?

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As a student, how can I dispute my study results?

The end of the semester has arrived and holidays beckon. Unfortunately, resits threaten to throw a spanner in the works. You disagree with the marks you got for that one particular subject. Can you still save your academic year and holiday plans?

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What is doxing?

Doxing is publicly disclosing or publishing private information about an individual or organisation without their consent.

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Can I post whatever I want on social media?

In the rapidly evolving digital world, it is essential for individuals with a strong online presence to seek legal advice. A lawyer can provide crucial guidance regarding online publicity, privacy protection and avoiding defamation, defamation or electronic stalking.

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Prof Colman: "Being able to shield children 100% is a pipe dream"

Prof Charlotte Colman surprised with her children's book "Who's in jail?", giving children a first look into the world of criminology. In this interview, Prof Colman highlights why informing children at an early age about law and justice is vital. Her book bridges complex topics with childlike curiosity: "Children pick up things but have gaps in their knowledge. We need to fill these gaps with neutral information tailored to the child, otherwise they will go looking for themselves or their imagination will fill in the blanks." The proceeds of "Who's in prison?" go to CAW East Flanders, for the benefit of children of parents in detention.

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You can now obtain a decision of the justice of the peace in your case yourself via the internet

From now on, citizens can use Just-on-web to search whether a justice of the peace has already ruled on your case. We briefly explain how you can do that.

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How does that work, getting a lawyer?

You are always free to choose your own lawyer. Of course, always ask your lawyer beforehand whether they can help you with your specific questions. Each lawyer has his or her own knowledge and experience.