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You can now obtain a decision of the justice of the peace in your case yourself via the internet

From now on, citizens can use Just-on-web to search whether a justice of the peace has already ruled on your case. We briefly explain how you can do that.

How do you feel about that decision by the justice of the peace?

Go to Just-on-Web.

You will go to the My Justice and below it, you will find the "Judicial file" box. Using your electronic identity card (your eID) or via Itsme, you can check whether you can already see the decision of the judge.

Simpler than before

To know what the judge had decided in your case, you used to wait for a letter from the court. If you did not want to wait for that letter, then you had to go to the registry of the court and ask them for a copy of the verdict. Now you can get the judgment 24h on 24, 7 days on 7 yourself.

Do you only find out the pronunciation if you look it up on the website yourself?

No, don't worry: if you have a lawyer then the court will email a copy of the judgment to your lawyer.

If you don't have a lawyer and the court has your e-mail address, then the clerk's office will send you an e-mail itself with a link to Just-on-web.

Don't have an e-mail address?

Then the court will notify you in a letter that there is a judgment in your case. In that letter, the link to the Just-on-web website will be mentioned and you can consult the ruling in your case via your eID or via Itsme.

Don't have internet?

Then you can always ask for a hard copy of the judgment from a court clerk, it will be sent to you by post, free of charge.

More and more judges' decisions via the internet

Justices of the peace handle cases such as neighbourhood disputes, unpaid bills and rent disputes. Every year, they issue around 200,000 judgments. Last year, there were 213,603 to be exact. So from now on, these will be on the Just-on-Web website.

Since November 2021, rulings by police judges are already on the same website. So if you have to defend yourself before the police judge because you were driving too fast, you can also search for yourself what fine or punishment the judge imposed on you.

Some more figures

Since judgments of justices of the peace can now also be viewed digitally, more than 460,000 judgments are already retrievable via the internet every year. That is almost half of all judgments delivered by courts on an annual basis. The Minister of Justice makes the case that in autumn a database will be ready where all judgments of all courts and courts of appeal can be consulted.