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Being an entrepreneur often means pursuing your passion and making your dreams come true. But there is a lot more involved. A lawyer will help you every step of the way.

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My customer has broken a contract, what can I do?

Several scenarios can be envisaged in which the performance of a contract does not go smoothly. For example, there may be breach, rescission, default .... These each have different conditions and remedies / penalties attached to them.

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Can I get assistance for bankruptcy?

As a business owner, a lawyer can help you avoid financial problems in the first place. With the right legal advice, for example on the purchase of real estate and on hiring and firing staff, you can often avoid a lot of worries. If things do go wrong, do not wait (too) long to seek advice. By calling in a lawyer in time, you may even be able to avoid bankruptcy.

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Contracts as an entrepreneur, help!

If you run a business, you will need and want to conclude all kinds of contracts. Think of employment contracts, purchase agreements, sponsorship agreements, etc. It is very important that these contracts are watertight.

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How can I start my own business?

A lot depends on what kind of business you want to start. That determines what steps you need to take and where problems can happen. How can you get off to a flawless start so you can focus on your future?

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How can I sue a supplier?

If you buy something from a supplier, you are entitled to a good product or service. If something does turn out to be wrong with the product or service, you can take legal action to assert your rights. But it pays to look for a solution with your supplier first.

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Find a lawyer

Not sure about your situation and want to find a lawyer near you?

How does that work, getting a lawyer?

You are always free to choose your own lawyer. Of course, always ask your lawyer beforehand whether they can help you with your specific questions. Each lawyer has his or her own knowledge and experience.

Are you in a different situation?

Drugs and violence

Two topics we would rather stay away from, but sometimes you do find yourself in a situation where you are confronted with these issues.

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After life

What you leave behind after your life can easily be arranged in advance. A lawyer will assist you and your loved ones.

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At school

A school is an inspiring environment. But sometimes you face a difficult situation there. Find out what you can do then.

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In traffic

You move in traffic every day: for work, to go to school, for your hobbies,... Sometimes things go wrong there. But what can you do then?

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Financial matters

Money does not make you happy, people have been known to claim. But financial worries weigh (very) heavily. Find out what you can do when you are struggling.

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My house

Finally, your own place! Did you buy or sell, rent or let. A home should be a safe haven, no matter what.

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At work

In working relationships, legal questions sometimes arise. A lawyer stands by you, advising and mediating where necessary.

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Relationship and family

Family is important to you, and you want to do everything for them. But relationships are becoming more complex and the traditional family is becoming less common. A lawyer will help you with that.

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