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How can I sue a supplier?

If you buy something from a supplier, you are entitled to a good product or service. If something does turn out to be wrong with the product or service, you can take legal action to assert your rights. But it pays to look for a solution with your supplier first.

In the first place, you can contact your supplier itself to report and discuss your complaint (preferably (also) in writing). Often, this supplier has its own complaints service. In that case, the company should disclose the telephone number, fax number and/or e-mail address of the complaints service through its channels. If the company does not have a complaint service, you can turn to the company's general contact details. The company is obliged to respond to a consumer's complaint as soon as possible and make every effort to find a proper solution.

In addition, you can choose to appeal to mediation or submit your dispute to an ombudsman service. There are different ombudsman services for different sectors (e.g. the Telecommunications Ombudsman Service, the Construction Reconciliation Commission, the Travel Disputes Committee, etc.). If there is no sector-specific ombudsman service for your concrete case, you can always contact the Consumer Ombudsman Service.

And if it really proves impossible to reach a solution with your supplier, you can always take legal action against your supplier.

Do I need a lawyer?

A lawyer can inform you about the extrajudicial avenues to reach a solution with your supplier. After all, they have the experience with previous companies and have the legal knowledge to know what rights you can claim.

If that does not help, your lawyer can always assist you in legal proceedings.

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