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What rights do I have as a plus parent?

As a partner, you love seeing your plus child(ren). But what if things go awry with your partner? Should you then just say goodbye to the child you used to make sandwiches and kiss at bedtime every day?

Just because your relationship with the parent of children comes to an end does not mean that you should not have contact with the child themselves. You may have loved looking after them and it may feel like a loss if they should suddenly disappear from your life due to a break-up with your partner.

Initially, you can look at how you see the situation with your (former) partner. Usually, you don't decide to break up in one day's time. So be sure to include this topic in the conversation. A lot depends on the circumstances: how are you separating, what is the relationship with the child or children, how long were you together, who did what in the family ... So talking about it, also with the child when he or she is old enough, is definitely recommended!

Can't find an agreement? Then you can always go to court. The family court can decide that you are entitled to some form of contact with a minor child. If the court finds that you and the child do indeed have a special bond, it will rule that you are entitled to contact. That special bond may be there because, for example, you have actively cared for the child during a long relationship.

Do I need a lawyer?

As a plus parent, you are unfortunately almost invisible in our country. Both during the relationship and afterwards, there is little legal framework you can rely on. Thus, enforcing your rights in this situation is no easy matter.

A lawyer can guide you through this difficult process from their knowledge and experience. They will have the knowledge and experience to make this procedure as smooth as possible. It is often already an (emotionally) difficult period for you. The lawyer sympathises with you but knows the laws and knows what you should pay special attention to, so that your interests are defended as well as possible.

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