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If you no longer live together as parents, you will need to make arrangements concerning the children.

Agreeing on co-parenting can mean many things, such as how you still want to raise the children in the same style and with whom the children will stay and for how long. Co-parenthood is the term used in that context to indicate certain choices.

If you also exercise joint parental authority, this is called 'co-parenting'. If the children's stay is shared equally between you, it is called 'shared residence'.

Do I need a lawyer to arrange co-parenting?

A lawyer can guide you through this complex process from his knowledge and experience. In doing so, who has the knowledge and experience to make this procedure as smooth as possible. It is often already an (emotionally) difficult period for you. The lawyer sympathises with you but knows the laws and knows which points to pay special attention to so that your interests are best defended.

Your lawyer can also explain your wishes to the judge in clear language in court.

Consult them as soon as possible so that you do not rush into any agreements and so that your interests are best defended in court.

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