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Can you just post or comment whatever you want online and does that fall under the right to free speech?

Not quite. You are allowed to express your opinion and talk about things you are for or against. That is part of the right to freely express your opinion. But there are rules.

For example, you must not say things that are against the law. And some things can be really mean or dangerous, so that's not allowed either. For example, racism and discrimination are really not OK, even on the internet. And you are also not allowed to encourage people to be mean or use violence.

You also have to think about other people's privacy. You can't just put someone else's photo online without asking. So, yes, you can share your opinions, but you have to be kind and smart about what you say and do online.

OK, so human rights are rights that everyone has, like the right to be safe and the right to say what you think. They are important for all people, not just some. You know, democracy is a way of governing in which people like you and me can say what we want and use our rights. In the European Union, there is the European Parliament, and its job is to make sure everyone gets those rights.

And you know what? Now young people as young as 16 can vote for the European Parliament. That's cool, because young people also have things they care about, and they should be able to choose who stands up for those things in politics. Politics is about everything that happens in our lives, big and small.

So, it is important for young people to be involved in what happens in the world, in politics and in those human rights. When young people participate in making decisions, they see how it affects their lives and their freedom. And voting is the best way to get involved. Every vote counts!

This initiative is a collaboration with Rule of Law Day.

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