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Can you testify anonymously against someone during a trial?

No, you cannot just testify anonymously at a trial.

You have the right to a fair trial, which means that everything must be fair. Sometimes it may be necessary to keep a witness anonymous, for example if that person fears revenge. But this is only allowed if there is a good reason. And even if a witness remains anonymous, the lawyers and the judge should still be able to check whether what that person says is true.

In Belgium, there may be special legislation for anonymous witnesses in certain cases, especially in cases of serious crime. But even if you remain anonymous, you may still have to come to court to tell your story unless you do not want to. The judge can then make sure you are not recognised and that you are safe.

OK, so human rights are rights that everyone has, like the right to be safe and the right to say what you think. They are important for all people, not just some. You know, democracy is a way of governing in which people like you and me can say what we want and use our rights. In the European Union, there is the European Parliament, and its job is to make sure everyone gets those rights.

And you know what? Now young people as young as 16 can vote for the European Parliament. That's cool, because young people also have things they care about, and they should be able to choose who stands up for those things in politics. Politics is about everything that happens in our lives, big and small.

So, it is important for young people to be involved in what happens in the world, in politics and in those human rights. When young people participate in making decisions, they see how it affects their lives and their freedom. And voting is the best way to get involved. Every vote counts!

This initiative is a collaboration with Rule of Law Day.

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