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"Europa voor Echt" reaches young people with legal quiz on rule of law

In the run-up to the last elections, we launched a campaign called "Europa voor Echt", aimed at young people aged between 16 and 23. The campaign, which took place during the month of May, aimed to raise awareness among the younger generation about the importance of the rule of law in Europe.

About the campaign

The campaign included 10 interactive videos distributed through social media platforms Instagram and TikTok, popular with young people. In each video, viewers were challenged with legal dilemmas presented. Participants had to answer questions on issues such as privacy, freedom of speech and the right to due process. The correct answer was revealed by swiping to this website.

"This campaign was an innovative way to engage young people on important legal issues," states Nadia Van Baelen, director of rule of law.

What is the rule of law?

In a rule of law, citizens enjoy fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in legal rules, both international and domestic. Citizens may assume that the government also respects rights and freedoms and applies the rules without arbitrariness, including to themselves. Every citizen, if his rights and freedoms are violated, can appeal to an independent and incorruptible judge and a freely chosen, independent lawyer to assert his rights. The rule of law provides each of us with the assurance that our rights and freedoms will be respected.

It is crucial that young people understand how the rule of law affects their lives and how they can make their voices heard in Europe.
Nadia Van Baelen, director rule of law

These ten questions were asked by lawyers Thomas Baetens and Sirine Ben Messaoud

  1. Can you just create a fake profile of, say, your teacher?
  2. Can I still say no to my lover when touching, kissing or having sex if I said yes before?
  3. Will you be punished harder if you commit the same criminal offence multiple times?
  4. Can the police search you just like that?
  5. Can you choose which medical treatments you undergo?
  6. Can a minister overturn or change a judge's ruling?
  7. Can you testify anonymously against someone during a trial?
  8. Can you just post or comment whatever you want online and is that covered by the right to free speech?
  9. Can the police enter your room without your permission?
  10. Can your parents just read your posts? Or do you have a right to privacy?

The Europa voor Echt campaign was made possible through collaboration with Rule of Law Day.

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