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22/01/24 encourages voters: make a democratic choice will screen the rule of law in political parties' election programmes for the upcoming elections. With this initiative, wants to contribute to awareness about the importance of equal treatment by the government and the right to a fair trial, which is essential for maintaining and strengthening the rule of law.

The initiative highlights the crucial role every voter plays in preserving and strengthening the rule of law. We are voting this spring not only for a new government and administration, but also for our rule of law that protects the rights and freedoms of every citizen. emphasises that the rule of law is not just an abstract concept, but a concrete issue that concerns every citizen in everyday reality.

It is important that voters are aware of their influence on political choices and understand how these choices can affect the rule of law
Peter Callens, president of

The screening of election programmes, a so-called quick scan, aims to provide insight into how political parties view the rule of law and what impact their plans may have on the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. We signal whether a proposal has a positive or negative impact on the rule of law, but do not make any value judgments. Nor do we provide voting advice; it is up to the voter to judge.

We see this as an important step to make voters aware of their rights and freedoms, with everyone playing a crucial role in ensuring legal protection in a democratic society. calls for safeguarding and strengthening the rule of law and stresses the importance of transparency about political parties' plans regarding rule of law.

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Peter Callens gave an interview in De Standaard.

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