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Chiara Kerckhof wins prestigious thesis award

Chiara Kerckhof obtained 18 out of 20 for her master's thesis "Truth finding in civil procedure. The duty of truth and completeness on behalf of litigants".

Last autumn, she already won the Jura Falconis prize with her master's degree. Now she also wins the thesis prize 2022, which is awarded by, the professional organisation of Flemish lawyers, which you may also know by the name of Orde van Vlaamse Balies. Attached to that prize is the nice sum of 2,500 euros.

What does this thesis award stand for?

With the thesis prize, the professional association of Flemish lawyers aims to build a bridge between the world of lawyers and students. We encourage students to devote their master's thesis to the legal profession or the organisation and functioning of justice. That is why we award an annual prize worth €2,500 to the student who produces the best work on the legal profession.

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