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These lawyers win our photo contest!

The talent has been crowned! From about 90 entries, an expert jury chose 13 beautiful photos where both they and our lawyers chose a favourite in a photo competition for lawyers.

Antwerp lawyer wins Jury Prize

Mr Anke Reusens, a lawyer at the Antwerp Bar, won the jury prize of the photo competition with a photo of a jackdaw that spent four months in her office. The jackdaw was injured, its injuries were cared for by Ms Reusens and the bird stayed with her until it recovered sufficiently. The photo symbolises the caring role of the lawyer, caring also for his client.

From about 90 entries, the jury awarded Mr Reusens' photo because it is bathed in beautiful light and is particularly well framed. Mr Reusens won a Canon EOS M200, a system camera worth more than 600 euros.

West Flanders lawyer wins Audience Award

Patrick Clarysse, a lawyer at the West Flanders Bar Association in Kortrijk, has won a prize with a beautiful photo on a beach in northern France. Mr. Clarysse has been attending since 2019. A photography course at CVO Scala West Flanders, he often talks about a hobby that is getting a bit out of hand. Lawyers together with the general public chose the most beautiful one. About the photo, the jury felt that Mr Clarysse had clearly thought about the relationship between the heavy clouds and the turret in his picture and that he had framed everything perfectly.

Mr. Clarysse wins a professional photo shoot by the Klikfabrik of the lawyer and his kantoo. No doubt Mr Clarysse will inundate the Klikfabrik photographer with questions.

About the photo competition, as a professional organisation also known as the Order of Flemish Bars, organised a photo competition for the first time last autumn among the some 11 000 Flemish lawyers affiliated with the professional organisation.

The jury consisted of Johan Van der Hasselt of the Klikfabrik, specialised in corporate photography, Carole Lamarque, CEO of Duval Union Innovative Marketing, Mr Katrien Crauwels, lawyer at the Antwerp Bar, Peter Callens, the president of and, as chairman of the jury, professional photographer Michiel Hendryckx.

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