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Tim Veldeman

Louizalaan 147/8,
1050 Brussel

Lars Bevernaegie

Esplanade Oscar Van de Voorde 1 (MG Business Center),
9000 Gent

Christophe Van Mechelen

Responsabilité, assurances, circulation routière, Droit des transports, Droit commercial, Droits intellectuels
Justitiestraat 26,
2018 Antwerpen

Dieter De Neve

Urselseweg 63,
9910 Aalter

Alexia Baert

Droit du travail, Responsabilité, assurances, circulation routière, Droit de la jeunesse, Droit de la famille
Cordoeaniersstraat 17-19,
8000 Brugge

Matthew Bonjean

Parklaan 126/1,
2300 Turnhout

Gregg Moons

Wolstraat 70,
1000 Brussel

Micha Van Den Abeele

Posthofbrug 6/1,
2600 Berchem

Isabelle Cooreman

Droit de l’urbanisme et de l’environnement, Droit des marchés publics, Droit des biens, Droit de la construction
Keizer Karellaan 586/9,
1082 Sint-Agatha-Berchem

Do you have any practical questions?


What does a lawyer cost?

A lawyer receives a fee, supplemented by compensation for expenses incurred. Therefore, make good arrangements with your lawyer in advance. That way, there will be no surprises.

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I have a problem with my lawyer

Is the cooperation with your lawyer not going as desired or are problems arising? There are several solutions to this.

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What does a lawyer do?

Advise, mediate, negotiate and defend. A lawyer can help you in various ways. Both inside and outside a court.

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Want to know more about your situation?

Drugs and violence

Two topics we would rather stay away from, but sometimes you do find yourself in a situation where you are confronted with these issues.

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After life

What you leave behind after your life can easily be arranged in advance. A lawyer will assist you and your loved ones.

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At school

A school is an inspiring environment. But sometimes you face a difficult situation there. Find out what you can do then.

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In traffic

You move in traffic every day: for work, to go to school, for your hobbies,... Sometimes things go wrong there. But what can you do then?

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Being an entrepreneur often means pursuing your passion and making your dreams come true. But there is also a lot involved. A lawyer will help you every step of the way.

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Financial matters

Money does not make you happy, people have been known to claim. But financial worries weigh (very) heavily. Find out what you can do when you are struggling.

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My house

Finally, your own place! Did you buy or sell, rent or let. A home should be a safe haven, no matter what.

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At work

In working relationships, legal questions sometimes arise. A lawyer stands by you, advising and mediating where necessary.

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Relationship and family

Family is important to you, and you want to do everything for them. But relationships are becoming more complex and the traditional family is becoming less common. A lawyer will help you with that.

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