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How does an installment plan work?

An installment plan arranges the repayment of your debts with your creditor. For example, you can then pay back your debts in smaller chunks over a longer period of time.

An installment plan helps you repay debts in a feasible way. Therefore, it is important that you negotiate a realistic repayment plan. For this, it is best to have a good overview of your income and expenses. You can draw up the repayment plan yourself, or with the help of a social worker or a debt mediator (via a judicial or extrajudicial procedure).

Do I need a lawyer?

You can always seek the help of a lawyer. This is the case when you would like to contest a debt in court, for example, but also when you need a legal opinion or when you are subpoenaed.

If you have many debts, it is often difficult to have a clear view of their validity. Should you be able to benefit from free assistance, that assistance is of course recommended to support you in this regard.

Some people are entitled to a free lawyer and/or legal aid. Then you do not have to pay all the costs of your lawyer or the court, sometimes making it completely free. It is definitely worth checking if you belong to this group of people.

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