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My client is suing me, what can I do?

Before your customer takes legal action against you, then the customer will (normally) first notify your company about their customer. So you do well to take customer complaints to heart and work with the customer to find a solution. But what can you do if that complaint is unfair?

If the complaint comes from a consumer, you are obliged to respond to the complaint as soon as possible and make every effort to find a good solution for both parties. If you have a complaints service, you must also make the telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the complaints service public for consumers.

If you cannot come to a mutual agreement, you can also always opt for mediation. It is also possible to submit the dispute to an ombudsman service. There may be a sector-specific ombudsman service for the sector in which you operate (e.g. the Telecommunications Ombudsman Service, the Construction Reconciliation Commission, the Travel Disputes Committee, etc.) or you can turn to the Consumer Ombudsman Service.

It may happen that your customer sues you and starts legal proceedings. A lawyer can in any case assist you to reach a mutual solution so that (part of) the (legal) costs can be avoided. If you still want to contest the complaint in court, a lawyer can assist you during the proceedings.

Do I need a lawyer?

A lawyer can assist you if your client is not satisfied with your products or services.

A lawyer can advise you what obligations you have if a customer files a complaint and how best to respond to this complaint. They can help you avoid legal, and often lengthy, proceedings. Your lawyer has the legal knowledge and experience to solve the problem out of court.

If it does come to court proceedings, the lawyer can assist you in these proceedings.

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