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I am a victim of a road accident, what can I do?

As a victim in traffic, you also have your rights. Therefore, it is important to properly document and argue what exactly happened.

If you are a victim of a road accident and depending on the damage caused by the accident, it is best to request police presence to document all useful findings in writing. You can also make a statement to the police with your explanation of the facts. This statement will be the first evidence of what happened.

As a victim, you are normally entitled to compensation. For this, you must be able to prove what damage you suffered, what fault the perpetrator committed and how that fault caused the accident. Evidence for this is therefore very important, as it will support your story.

The liable other party (or its insurer) will compensate you for the damage it caused in the accident. This includes both material damage to the vehicle and physical injuries. These damages are determined by independent expert assessments. If you and your other party do not agree, the dispute is settled in the police court.

Even if the culprit is not known, because it has not been stopped or any other reason, you are entitled to compensation. Even then, you are entitled to compensation for physical and material damages.

Do I need a lawyer?

Especially if you have suffered physical injuries in an accident, it is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Only if he or she is aware of the circumstances of the accident and the physical injury from the beginning can he or she determine the situation and ensure the correct amount of compensation. After all, sometimes it is not entirely clear exactly who is liable for the accident. A lawyer will help you determine, with evidence and testimony, who is at fault and thus should compensate for the damages.

Even if liability is not disputed, discussions may arise about the correct compensation. In that case, too, a lawyer will help you calculate the damages correctly. For instance, they will guide you through expert assessments. In case of physical damage, for example, your lawyer can have an amicable medical expertise carried out or appoint a court expert. Together with you, your lawyer will check which documents (such as medical reports) you should take to the experts and doctors. Based on all this information, he or she will calculate the compensation and negotiate with the liable party to reach an agreement.

If no agreement is reached between you and the liable party, you can take your case to court. Your lawyer will advise you on this and then argue your case with the necessary (legal) knowledge and expertise.

A little tip: arm yourself in advance for accidents and take out legal expenses insurance (supplementary or otherwise). The price of such legal expenses insurance is very low, but it pays the costs of a lawyer and any experts as well as procedural costs, so you don't have to worry about that either.

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