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I have problems in my new home, now what?

Finally, your own home! But then problems crop up. Where everything still seemed perfectly fine when you bought it, defects soon become apparent. Moisture in the walls, a heating system that doesn't work properly, contaminated soil ... You hadn't counted on that. More to the point: if you had known about the defects beforehand, you would have bought the house for a lower price or even not at all.

The seller is responsible for hidden defects. You can therefore hold him liable for this, but your complaint must meet a few different requirements: it must be serious defects that make the property unsuitable, actually hidden and already present at the time the property was sold. It may be difficult to assess whether your defect meets these, but a lawyer can help you with that.

In cases where you can prove this, you can choose to return the property in exchange for the price paid or keep the property but get a portion of the sale price back. If the buyer knew about these defects, you can also claim additional damages.

Do I need a lawyer?

Proving hidden defects is not always obvious. Besides, you have a limited time to prove it. A lawyer can help you prepare your case, collect the necessary evidence and make your case strong.

A lawsuit is only appropriate if it is really necessary. Lawyers are also there to resolve problems in alternative ways, such as mediation. Many lawyers can act as mediators themselves. This already gives you the advantage that the mediator has the necessary legal knowledge and experience.

Also, do not only knock on a lawyer's door when it is too late. Preventing problems is still better than having to solve them. The seller can stipulate in a sales contract that he cannot be held liable for hidden defects that come to light afterwards. A lawyer can therefore already be of golden value when drafting and/or proofreading the contract.

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