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How to resolve a construction dispute?

You are building your dream home, but identify a fault with your property. What now? Most contractors and architects have insurance for client claims, but if you cannot reach an agreement, you can declare the contractor or architect at fault.

However, it does not always have to end in long and costly court proceedings. With the other party's agreement, you can file with the Construction Reconciliation Commission first.

Can a lawyer help me with this?

A lawyer is indispensable in a construction dispute. This is especially true if you want to put the contractor or architect in default and take the matter to court, but it does not even have to go that far. A lawyer can seek a solution or amicable settlement with the other party and can help you if you want to take the dispute to the Construction Reconciliation Commission. Your lawyer can support you to communicate your arguments clearly to each party.

But preferably, you simply don't have any problems when building your dream home. Therefore, have a lawyer help you start working with a contractor or an architect. For example, have your agreement or tender reviewed by a lawyer beforehand, who can point out any pitfalls or unclear arrangements. That way, a lot of problems won't even be able to happen.

Also consider taking out legal expenses insurance before you start building. This is because the usual home insurance usually does not cover construction disputes. With legal expenses insurance, you are entitled to legal assistance that will cover your lawyer's fees, any expert and court costs, among other things.

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