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I have water damage

A summer thunderstorm has flooded the basement. Or worse, the street is flooded and you are ankle-deep in water in the living room. With severe water damage, the costs can quickly reach thousands of euros.

In most cases, you will be covered by your insurance policy. Although a home policy is not compulsory, you are often forced to do so by the bank when taking out a mortgage. Thus, in most cases, you can sleep on both ears.

Can a lawyer help me?

Not sure what claim you are covered for? Is the insurer being difficult or taking exceptionally long to pay out? Does it refuse to come up with (enough) money to compensate the full damage? Consider hiring a lawyer. He or she will contact the insurer to negotiate the case and obtain full compensation for the damage suffered. They can also assist you with further legal action.

Be sure to check whether you already have legal expenses insurance. When taking out home insurance, it is possible to take out additional legal assistance insurance. If you do not have this, definitely consider taking one. For a small amount, you will then be entitled to legal assistance which will cover the costs of your lawyer, a possible expert and court fees, among other things.

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