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I want a divorce but my partner does not want to

If you want a divorce but your partner does not, we speak of divorce on grounds of irreparable dislocation.

If you want a divorce but your partner does not like it, you can go to court to end your marriage. The judge will then decide at your request whether the marriage can be ended, or is irretrievably disrupted as it is called there. If this is the case, the judge will pronounce the divorce. The judge will then also look further at how the divorce can be arranged, thinking about whether you are entitled to alimony, where the children can stay ...

Do I need a lawyer?

In doing so, a lawyer has the knowledge and experience to make your divorce as smooth as possible. It is often already an (emotionally) difficult period for you. The lawyer sympathises with you but knows the laws and which points you should pay special attention to so that your interests are best defended.

Your lawyer can also make your wishes clear to the judge in clear language in court.

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I want a divorce

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