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I want to divorce by mutual consent

If you and your partner have decided to divorce, you can separate by mutual consent.

Divorce by mutual consent means that you agree on the divorce and all its consequences. Think of an agreement on where the children will stay when, how the furniture will be divided if it was bought together, or if someone has to pay alimony. You and your partner will compulsorily draw up two agreements on this, in which you record the arrangements, and can then use these to file for divorce in the competent court.

Good agreements make good friends, especially when problems might arise afterwards. That is why it is interesting to visit a lawyer who has legal knowledge and experience. They will know the special points of interest, and will also know which agreements can be approved in court.

You can also choose one lawyer together with your partner, but you can also consult someone separately to be sure that your interests are fully defended.

Even if you visit the court, a lawyer can help you through the procedures as smoothly as possible.

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