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What is humanitarian regularisation?

Humanitarian regularisation is an authorisation to stay in our country for more than 3 months for humanitarian reasons.

You can apply for this residence permit in "exceptional circumstances" in Belgium, which is a favourable government measure.

If you are not eligible for asylum or subsidiary protection, you can apply for humanitarian regularisation if you still have a reason to stay in Belgium.

Do I need a lawyer for humanitarian regularisation?

In your application, you must explain the extraordinary circumstances you are invoking. These are the reasons why the application cannot be filed abroad. Your application must also include the reasons for obtaining an authorisation to stay in Belgium. A lawyer can help you with this.

There are no legal criteria or conditions to approve this type of application. In other words, it depends on the competent authority whether your residence permit will be issued. Things that can be taken into account include whether an asylum procedure takes an unreasonably long time, the degree of integration into Belgian society, whether it concerns a family with school-age children, whether there is a lasting local anchoring ... A lawyer can check for you the government's current policy on this procedure and make sure that your application is adapted to it to increase your chances of success.

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