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What are my inheritance rights as a child?

Your mother or father has passed away. This brings a mountain of grief but unfortunately also a lot of paperwork. What are your rights now?

As a child, you are a legally protected heir. This means that you are always entitled to a certain minimum part of the inheritance, namely the 'reserve'. That portion amounts to half of the inheritance, and this regardless of how many children there are and thus how many brothers or sisters you have. Consequently, your parents cannot disinherit you completely, even if you have a bad relationship with your father or mother.

However, have your parents affected your minimum inheritance share via gifts or a will? Then you can claim your share.

On top of the minimum inheritance share, you will also get your parent's other possessions if they have not given them away to someone else through a gift or will. You will then receive an equal share as your siblings, your parent's other children.

Do I need a lawyer?

A lawyer possesses the necessary expertise and experience to inform you about your inheritance rights and advise you in every concrete situation on, for example, whether or not to take action against the distribution of an inheritance or the violation of your minimum share.

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