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I want a divorce

If you no longer wish to remain married, you can divorce your partner in two ways.

Do you and your partner still agree and then the most logical thing to do is to opt for a divorce by mutual consent. Then you can make all arrangements between yourselves and go to the competent court together to deposit your agreement. On the other hand, if the break-up is difficult, you can also opt for a divorce on grounds of irreparable dislocation. Even then, you will have to go to court but it is not necessary to have already made agreements between yourselves.

Do I need a lawyer to divorce?

First of all, a lawyer will help you choose which type of divorce best suits your situation. A lawyer has the knowledge and experience to make your divorce as smooth as possible. It is often already an (emotionally) difficult period for you. The lawyer sympathises with you but knows the laws and which points you should pay special attention to so that your interests are best defended.

In addition, with any type of divorce you will have to go to court A lawyer knows the rules completely there too and can help you make the procedure as smooth as possible.

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