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Discover the magic of law and justice and become an Advokadet! has developed an exciting and educational programme to teach children aged 11-12 (6th grade) the fundamentals of the rule of law.

A lawyer comes to your school

Our enthusiastic lawyers are eager to come to your school and deliver engaging presentations specially tailored to children of this age group. Through an interactive lesson, a game and visual materials, we turn the complex concepts of the rule of law into understandable and exciting stories. Your students will have the opportunity to discover how laws are made, why justice is so important and how lawyers play a crucial role in our society.

And takes your students to court

And that's not all! We want to enrich your students' learning experience by taking them on an unforgettable trip to court. Our lawyers will lead a role-play where your students will have the chance to experience the court up close and even participate in a trial. This will deepen their understanding and show them how the rule of law really works. In fact, they will play and experience all the roles in court themselves.

We understand that children aged 11-12 are curious and full of questions. That is why our advocates provide an interactive environment in which your students can participate and ask their questions. We want to feed their curiosity and encourage them to think critically about justice, equality and respect for others. After all, learned young is done old!

And the best news? Participation in Advocate At School is completely free! We want all children, regardless of their background, to have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the rule of law and develop their passion for justice.

Register your class!

Make your classroom a place where the magic of law and justice comes alive. Enrol your school in Lawyer At School today and give your students the chance to discover the foundations of the rule of law in an engaging and interactive way.

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