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Lawyer in high school has developed a special programme to give your students who will soon have to make important study choices a deeper understanding of the rule of law. Meet "Lawyer At School," an inspiring experience that encourages young people to explore and pursue their interest in law and justice.

The lawyer comes to your school

Our experienced lawyers are eager to step into your classroom and deliver interactive presentations specially designed for 17-18-year-old students (5th and 6th secondary). They cover fascinating topics such as human rights and the role of the rule of law in an inclusive society. Your students will be challenged to think about the complexity of legal issues and have the chance to engage in in-depth discussions under the guidance of a lawyer.

And takes your students to court

But that's not all! We also offer the unique opportunity for your students to take a look behind the scenes of the court. Our lawyers provide engaging role-playing where your students can experience the court up close. They will be amazed by the dynamics of the judiciary and the impact lawyers have on justice. In addition, it is also an inspiring experience for pupils considering studying law and/or aspiring to a career in the legal profession.

Are my students going to find this interesting?

Our programme is custom-designed for 17-18-year-old students (5th and 6th secondary). We cover topics closely related to their living environment. In addition, our advocate will help students make sense of their own values and beliefs and give them the tools to critically analyse the world around them.

Make your classroom a source of inspiration and enthusiasm for your students. Enrol your class in Lawyer At School today and give your 17-18-year-old students the chance to further explore their interest in law and the legal profession.

What may this cost?

That's the best! Participation in Advocate At School is completely free. We want as many students as possible to have access to this valuable experience.

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