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Testimony of a Ukrainian lawyer who fled to our country

It has been exactly 1 year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Over 63 000 Ukrainians fled to our country, they were immediately given protection here thanks to a special status of temporarily displaced persons due to the war in their country. This also allowed them to seek work here immediately. There are also some lawyers among those refugees, Viktoriia Mykuliak being one of them. She is now part of the legal team at VVBG, an international firm based in Brussels, where she focuses on commercial law cases. Sofie Demeyer, the spokesperson for, interviewed her. Master Mykuliak stressed that she speaks only on her own behalf.

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A lawyer does so much more than advocate

Entertainment company Studio 100 has appointed lawyer Christine Mussche to investigate corporate culture at Plopsa. The story surrounding the amusement park group Plopsa makes it clear that a lawyer often takes on many more tasks than those you would think of at first glance. We polled a number of lawyers and they talk about their lesser-known assignments as lawyers.

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Chiara Kerckhof wins prestigious thesis award

Chiara Kerckhof obtained 18 out of 20 for her master's thesis "Truth finding in civil procedure. The duty of truth and completeness on behalf of litigants". With that master's thesis, she has now won our thesis prize worth 2,500 euros. Find out why she deserves it here!

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Don't shoot the terror suspects' lawyers, they are just doing their job too!

On social media and in a certain press, the lawyers of the accused at the terrorism trial are getting the brunt of the blame. And yet they are just doing their job.

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Is the fuss surrounding the situation of the defendants in the terror trial justified?

Even before the largest assize trial that has ever taken place in Belgium has kicked off substantively, the defence has several times drawn the card of the degrading treatment of their clients. First there was the saga surrounding the accused boxes, now there is criticism of the detention conditions and the way the terror suspects are transferred from their prison to the location where the trial is taking place.

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Looking for practical answers about a lawyer?


What does a lawyer cost?

A lawyer receives a fee, supplemented by compensation for expenses incurred. Therefore, make good arrangements with your lawyer in advance. That way, there will be no surprises.

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What does a lawyer do?

Advise, mediate, negotiate and defend. A lawyer can help you in various ways. Both inside and outside a court.

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What is a lawyer?

A lawyer is there to advise and assist you. Throughout the various stages of your life, you may come into contact with the law. A lawyer will then guide you through the legal maze. Even if you are an entrepreneur, the advice and assistance of a lawyer is no luxury.

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