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Prof Colman: "Being able to shield children 100% is a pipe dream"

Prof Charlotte Colman surprised with her children's book "Who's in jail?", giving children a first look into the world of criminology. In this interview, Prof Colman highlights why informing children at an early age about law and justice is vital. Her book bridges complex topics with childlike curiosity: "Children pick up things but have gaps in their knowledge. We need to fill these gaps with neutral information tailored to the child, otherwise they will go looking for themselves or their imagination will fill in the blanks." The proceeds of "Who's in prison?" go to CAW East Flanders, for the benefit of children of parents in detention.

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From now on, stay updated on suspect's pre-trial detention

Victim of a crime or wrongdoing or registered as a civil party in which you were physically or psychologically threatened or assaulted? Then from now on, you have the right to receive information on the progress of the suspect's pre-trial detention.

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4/03/24 calls for urgent and structural action against overcrowding in Belgian prisons

In response to alarming figures on overcrowding in Belgian prisons, speaks out against this unacceptable situation. The number of detainees continues to rise. Despite recent increases in capacity, there is still almost 15 per cent overcrowding. This is an average figure. That is, there are really distressing conditions in certain prisons.

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The Penal Code has been reformed : What does this mean for you?

The new Criminal Code has been adopted. At, we understand that these changes are far-reaching, and we want to explain clearly what this means for you as a litigant.

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Mr. Julie Vangeel: "You have to give your all, at sporting events and in the legal profession"

Julie Vangeel shines both in her job and on the running trail. After a long day as a specialist in government contracts and company and association law, she finds peace during her running sessions. "It is the ideal job for those with busy jobs," she echoes. The young Bilzen lawyer has already won several athletics competitions, despite her recent start in running.

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What clothes should or should not a lawyer wear?

You may have heard about a lawyer who wore a Jewish yarmulke during a trial in Ghent. But what is the actual situation with lawyers' choice of clothing? Let's clarify.

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Looking for practical answers about a lawyer?


What does a lawyer cost?

A lawyer receives a fee, supplemented by compensation for expenses incurred. Therefore, make good arrangements with your lawyer in advance. That way, there will be no surprises.

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What does a lawyer do?

Advise, mediate, negotiate and defend. A lawyer can help you in various ways. Both inside and outside a court.

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What is a lawyer?

A lawyer is there to advise and assist you. Throughout the various stages of your life, you may come into contact with the law. A lawyer will then guide you through the legal maze. Even if you are an entrepreneur, the advice and assistance of a lawyer is no luxury.

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